We've got a great selection of nearby budget-friendly partner hotels for you to choose from for your Chessington Holiday.

Whether it's distance to the park, local amenities or fantastic leisure facilities you're after from your break, our selection of family-friendly partner hotels near Chessington are sure to offer something to suit every budget. When you book a stay in one of our partner hotels, your package will include 1 day Chessington Theme Park tickets, a great night's sleep and a delicious breakfast!*

Please note some of our partner hotels current services may differ from what's shown below, please check with the hotel directly for the most up to date information and to view the safety measures in place for your stay.

* * * *
Terms and conditions apply.

*Breakfast is included in your package unless stated otherwise. Please ensure you check the hotel information at the time of booking.

Please note: additional charges apply for upgrades. Room prices vary and are subject to change. All rooms are subject to availability at time of booking. All details are correct at the time of writing.

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