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If you can find exactly the same Chessington World of Adventures Resort ticket and accommodation package cheaper within 24 hours of confirming your booking with us, we will refund the difference to ensure you have paid the best possible price for your break subject to a few terms and conditions. Reclaiming your money is really easy. Simply call us on 0871 360 2639 and let us know the details of your claim. We will look into it and give you a decision within 3 working days. View full terms and conditions.

Chessington Resort Hotel


Continue your day of adventure at our onsite Hotel.

Partner Hotels near Chessington

Partner Hotels near Chessington

Stay at a family-friendly hotel close to Chessington World of Adventures.

Great partner hotels with great prices.

Chessington Merlin Annual Passholder offer


Book your family's 2018 Chessington Holiday and and save up to 26%! Don't miss out on this roarsome offer — book today!


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