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Merlin Annual Pass Bed and Breakfast Prices

Chessington Annual Pass and Merlin Annual Passholders (premium and standard) can enjoy a break at the Chessington Resort Hotels with 20% off!

Stay at heart of the Chessington action in the Azteca Hotel or Safari Hotel and depending on when you visit your stay could be packed with amazing extras for you and your Young Adventurers, including:

Book your Chessington Azteca or Safari Hotel stay by using the booking engine on this page.

Don't have an Annual Pass?

Are you missing out? Visit Chessington.com for more information and to buy an annual pass today.

Terms and conditions apply. Access to Wanyama Village and AMAZU Treetop Adventure is subject to availability and good weather and ground conditions. Access is available until dusk each Friday and Saturday from April until mid-September and school holidays. Please note, Kids entertainment is available weekends and throughout school holidays.

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